Welcome to my photography website featuring landscape ideas I’ve been exploring in recent years.

My photography has taught me that natural beauty can be found even in places where you might not think to look. It’s remarkable what’s hiding in plain view -- on the surface of lakes and rivers and at seaports, on underwater stones, on dampened cobblestones, and on boulders speckled with frozen raindrops. The colors are magnificent; the variety is endless.

I have captured water surface images in recent years. Their beauty is more about form and color than about the physical objects they reflect They resemble impressionist or abstract paintings. I’ve also noticed how dynamic these images can be -- a slight breeze across the water’s surface changes the image continually so that each frame is unique, even if I haven’t moved my camera at all. After sunset, streetlights can also create alluring nocturnal water reflections.

I have also captured images of how underwater stones display refracted sunlight in shallow waters and how, in deeper waters, the sun sparkles on the surface like starlight – sometimes, even a constellation of stars.

Fine Art Photography and Cancer Treatment

In recent years, the medical profession has studied and embraced the beneficial effects of including art as part of cancer therapy – both by having the patient express difficult feelings and emotions artistically and by making available soothing artistic images to address the difficult experiences cancer patients face.

Both my wife and I are cancer patients at hospitals in New York City and elsewhere. She and I have spent many hours at these hospitals in treatment and in their waiting rooms. We have often observed how dreary many of these facilities can be and how the available “art work” could use an upgrade. We think it would make the patients and the family/friends who accompany them somehow feel better about the experience – or at least get their minds off what they are going through.

My photography business is in its infancy, but a principal goal is to see if my images have a place in cancer hospitals as part of the treatment process. If so, I intend to donate images (including the cost of framing) that these hospitals deem appropriate. To realize this goal, I have approached several nationally-recognized cancer hospitals and am in discussions with two currently.



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